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Hey! Thank you so much for visiting!


Firstly, I would like to thank the people in my life who have helped me create this blog.

I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to my Uncle, Sabbir Ahmed Khan, who has helped me immensely through the journey of actually creating the website. He is the brains behind this project; guiding me through every technical step and teaching me the intricate details of building a website as well as, teaching me to appreciate the beauty of the process. So, thank you! Also, he is a brilliant photographer and graphic designer, who likes to express himself creatively whenever he can. You can reach him via these platforms: 

Also, I would like to thank my family: my Parents, my Grandparents, my sisters, Raisa and Tasneem, and Neha Apu for always inspiring me! You guys are the best!


A Word from me!

Hello, everyone! I’m Fairooz Jahan and I am originally from Bangladesh, but have been living in the UK with my family since 2012.

I have been wanting to start a blog of my own for quite some time now, but I suppose I never could muster up the courage to do so, or more accurately, the right amount of productivity. (Gulity, as charged)! The exact date of my blog’s creation: 6th March, 2021. This isn’t necessarily an auspicious date for me, but I thought that if I don’t at least start now, I would have to wait a lot longer and since ‘online school’ was coming to an end, I thought that the most celebratory way to bid it farewell would be to start something new. So, I suppose in many ways this blog is in the memory of ‘online schooling’, which I unexpectedly enjoyed a lot!

Another reason (and possibly the main reason) I wanted to start my own blog was because I wanted to create a project of my own that focused on a hobby of mine that I have been neglecting for a long period of time now: writing. I used to really enjoy writing when I was in primary school and found myself frequently engaging in the activity; however, after transitioning to secondary school the time I spent writing slowly diminished, until my interest in it started to reawaken. Therefore, I wanted to establish a platform that would allow me to continue on this journey on a regular basis, but also perhaps share it with other people to see what they think and improve upon it. I don’t necessarily follow a particular style, but allow my mind to take the course it wants to because I find that to be the most liberating experience. 

 I really do hope that you enjoy your time here and please feel free to let me know your thoughts!

Thank you and I hope that you enjoy your time here 🙂